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Fulki is a child’s paradise. It started its journey on 1st January, 1976 as an aptitude institute in the shape of open school. The objective was to unfold human qualities, to develop creative faculties and to nurture intelligence-oriented merit among the children. Professor Emeritus Anisuzzaman, Begum Umartul Fazal, Artist Sabih ul Alam, Amit Chanda, Abul Momen and Shila Momen were associated with the initiative in various ways. Later eminent scientist Professor Jamal Nazrul Islam was involved with it till his death in 2013. And at present historian Dr. Shamsul Hossain is the chair of the Trust that runs the institute.
Aiming at this noble cause, Fulki, going through many experiments and shuffling, introduced a model primary school named Sahajpath in 1981, and from the time of its inception, the aptitude institute has gone through an evolutionary process and from 2003 it is running a model cultural school named Sonartari. Simultaneously, it is conducting the cultural activities for students of other schools science 2001 that includes literature, music, fine-arts, biographies of great men, history of civilization and science. It is known as Integrated Educational Cultural Programme (IECP). To disseminate this spirit of child education throughout the country an organisation named Vidyasagar-Rokeya Shikhsha Trust has been formed. Professor Anisuzzaman is president of the trust and Abul Momen is secretary.
Today almost 800 children as direct students of the two schools and 20,000 students of different districts through IECP are linked with Fulki.

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Apr 12
ছোটদের বৈশাখী মেলা

ফুলকি, ৪৬ বৌদ্ধ মন্দির সড়ক, নন্দনকানন, চট্টগ্রাম
From 04:30 PM to 08:00 PM
বিস্তারিত পড়ুন

Objective and Purpose:

a. True sense of democracy, feeling of human conscience, science oriented rational mindset, logical thinking, healthy taste and good aesthetic same, the feeling of nationalism and a constructive world-view, and the making of future citizen with self-dignity and self-confidence.

b. With this aim, establishing and running an educational institution, formulating and publishing teaching materials, campaigning and establishing this distinct model of teaching throughout the country.

c. Time-befitting necessary reform, considering education as a continuous developing process, institutional improvement and development keeping continuity of renewal and advancement.

d. The development of achieved infrastructure and nurturing of reputation attained through long times labour and work through continuous effort and performance.